KB Home: The Leading GreenPoint Rated Home Builder in 2013

In December 2013, the nonprofit Build It Green honored KB Home with a GreenPoint Rated Award for its leadership and dedication to residential green building. By committing to build all of its Northern California homes to the high standards of GreenPoint Rated — the most trusted home rating system in California — KB Home is¬†helping to change the way homes are designed, built, and remodeled.

Steven Bull of KB Home accepts the GreenPoint Rated Award.

Among production builders, KB Home boasts the highest volume of GreenPoint Rated projects, with more than 1,000 in the pipeline, 600 of which are slated for 2014. KB Home has worked hard to educate potential homebuyers on the benefits and qualities of green homes. The bottom line: KB Home is proving that a beautiful, high-quality, and comfortable home is also a green, efficient, and money-saving home!

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One Response to KB Home: The Leading GreenPoint Rated Home Builder in 2013

  1. We were led to believe we were buying an Energy Star home from this company yet half of the entire attic had no insulation and the other half only had 6-7″ when it was supposed to be a minimum of 13″ by code. The company led us to believe they seal any gaps with spray foam for a tightly sealed energy efficient home and even show this in marketing yet we had outside smells coming in from under baseboards all over. The home we thought was Energy Star rated also had far more incandescent bulbs than CFL’s and dimmer switches for some fixtures we had to replace so we could replace incandescent bulbs with CFL’s. We also had to replace bathroom vanity fixtures that used hundreds of watts every time we turned on the light. This was all while this company was touting their “My Home My Earth” initiative. We also found out that they apparently undersized some of the A/C units in our community which seems to me would result in excessive energy usage since they can’t keep up and would continually run. I have heard from neighbors that they’ve had energy bills as high as $400! I’m sure the homes they build that GreenPointRated evaluates where built right but I believe they build lots of homes that do not follow EnergyStar or GreenPointRated guidelines to cut costs. I hope GreenPointRated reconsiders giving this company any further awards.

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