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Using less lumber and reusing existing materials helps lower up-front costs. And because green materials often surpass conventional materials in quality and durability, they can save you money on maintenance costs as well. For example, decking materials made of recycled plastic mixed with wood waste fibers can last up to five times longer than wood decking, and never need to be treated or painted.

In addition to saving you money, GreenPoint Rated ensures that your home construction is environmentally friendly. GreenPoint Rated homes use recycled materials wherever possible, keeping waste out of landfills and protecting our forests for future generations.

GreenPoint Rated allocates an average of 15 percent of its points to Resource Conservation. Top point-earning measures in this category include:

  • Interiors: Install a built-in recycling or composting bin and use environmentally friendly materials (rapidly renewable resources such as cork or reclaimed resources such as lumber). Use low mercury florescent light bulbs.
  • Site: During construction, reuse materials wherever possible and recycle all cardboard, concrete, asphalt, and metals. This reduces waste in landfills.
  • Landscaping: Use plant pallet that does not need frequent shearing.
  • Foundation: Protect your home from termites and moisture damage by installing structural pest controls and vapor barriers.
  • Exterior Finishes: Use durable siding and roofing materials.
  • Structural Frame & Building: Use FSC or engineered lumber instead of solid-sawn lumber wherever possible to protect old-growth forests and the health of forest ecosystems.


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