Green Industry Ambassador: Simone Dadsetan

In this new segment, Green Industry Ambassador, we’re introducing green building professionals that are going above and beyond, paving the way for greener homes in California. Green Industry Ambassador recognizes these professionals for their commitment to green building, holding themselves and their work to higher standards, and educating others on how they can live better, improve their home’s impact on their families, communities, and the planet.

  • When and how did you first begin working in the green building industry? I received my NAR Green Designation in 2016. Since then, I have been passionately following trends in this space so I can better serve my clients.


  • What gets you excited about going to work everyday? I enjoy helping people understand the benefits of a green home. Most people don’t know the components that make a home green are within reach. Those simple changes have a big impact on their comfort.


  • What common misconception do people outside the industry have about your job? That I must work in the solar industry. While solar is a green feature, it is not necessary to have solar in order to have a green home.


  • For someone completely new to green building, where would you recommend they start? I would recommend they speak with a Realtor that has a Green Designation and understands the build environment. They should be able to be a great resource for contractors who understand green building.


  • What is the best green building advice you’ve ever received? Reduce before you produce!


  • What experience(s) do you have working with Build It Green? I was fortunate to be a Program Manager at Build It Green and work on many professional development courses they offer. I was also able to work on the 2019 GreenPoint Rated Real Estate Agent Pilot. 


  • How does Build It Green support you? They take support very seriously and they also work tirelessly trying to make sure their Raters and Advisors have what they need to succeed.


  • What is one suggestion you would provide to someone considering getting a GreenPoint Rated label for their own home? It’s important to work with a real estate professional or contractor who understands the elements of the label so they can provide proper guidance and be a good resource.


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