Have You Browsed the New Green Product Directory?

Today we launched a great new resource for homeowners on the GreenPoint Rated website: the Green Product Directory. Check it out now.

The Green Product Directory provides an independent source of trusted green home improvement product recommendations and educational tips for homeowners. The nonprofit membership organization, Build It Green, developed it to make it easier for homeowners to identify the types of products that can save them money and make any home healthier and more beautiful and comfortable.

“Whether you’re planning a top-to-bottom remodel or just replacing a showerhead, our Directory provides the unbiased guidance and product listings to help you make the best choice,” said Catherine Merschel, Build It Green Executive Director. “Our staff of green building experts researched hundreds of products and wrote ‘GreenPointers’—consumer-friendly articles with practical, helpful advise on how to make green choices for everything from appliances and countertops to water heating and windows.”

The Directory features nearly 100 best-in-class products, focusing on ones that meet rigorous criteria for energy and water savings, recycled content, and indoor air quality and other environmental and health attributes. Many featured products are certified by independent third parties such as Energy Star, WaterSense, Green Seal, and Forest Stewardship Council. Product listings are based solely on merit—the Directory does not charge for placement.

A helpful set of icons makes it easy to understand the core benefits of greener choices for each product category, from saving water and energy to improving home health and earning points toward a home’s GreenPoint Rated certification—the most trusted independent home rating system in California. “Once you browse the Directory it becomes clear that ‘green’ is synonymous with high-quality, comfort, and savings,” added Merschel. “These green products are beautiful, durable, and reduce long-term maintenance costs.”

Alameda County’s StopWaste, a public agency that promotes the use of resource-efficient products and practices, provided the funding for the Directory update.

“StopWaste is proud to support this important resource for homeowners in Alameda County and beyond,” said Karen Kho, a Senior Program Manager at the agency. “We’re committed to helping homeowners improve their homes by choosing products with recycled and renewable materials.”

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