Congrats to Our GreenPoint Rated Award Winners for 2013

Congratulations to the City of Palo Alto for winning a GreenPoint Rated Award in the Public Sector category.

Seven organizations win GreenPoint Rated Awards in recognition of their dedication to residential green building and reducing the impacts of climate change

Dec. 12, 2013

The nonprofit Build It Green has announced seven GreenPoint Rated Award winners for 2013, each selected for their leadership in residential green building in California. These winners are changing the way homes are designed, built, and remodeled—all to the high standards of GreenPoint Rated, the most trusted independent home rating system in California.

Congratulations to the 2013 Winners:

  • Community Builder of the Year: KB Home of Northern California
  • Affordable Builder of the Year: Eden Housing
  • Visionary Builder of the Year: Southern California Edison/ ABC Green Home Builders
  • Custom Builder of the Year: Joe LoConte – Olivewood Builder /Green Building Specialists
  • Green Building Leader in the Public Sector: City of Palo Alto
  • Home Performance Contractor of the Year: Mark Hensley – Building Doctors, Inc.
  • GreenPoint Rater of the Year: Dave Hegarty – DuctTesters, Inc.

“We’re proud to recognize these innovative and forward-thinking organizations for playing a key role to mainstream green building practices,” said Catherine Merschel, Build It Green Executive Director. “These professionals are showing that greener buildings aren’t just good for the environment—they provide a strong economic opportunity.”

The winners were announced Wednesday evening at the BIG Bash, Build It Green’s annual holiday party. Each year, the GreenPoint Rated Awards recognize the leading building professionals and organizations whose on-the-ground efforts are helping to transform the market for green homes—by building and remodeling homes to GreenPoint Rated standards for energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, resource conservation, and community features.

Building by building, these professionals are moving the state of California closer to its aggressive climate and energy goals, which include reducing GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and building all new homes to net zero energy standards by 2020.

Building certified green homes is a key strategy to meet these goals. GreenPoint Rated is the most trusted independent green home certification program in California, providing proof that a home is healthy, comfortable, durable, and resource efficient. More than 21,000 homes have been rated through the program, which is administered by Build It Green. These homes have collectively saved more than 58 million kilowatt hours of electricity, 259 million gallons of water, and 103,000 metric tons of carbon emissions.

Winners of the GreenPoint Rated Awards were selected by Build It Green’s technical staff, which has worked closely with hundreds of builders, raters, contractors, and local governments. Selection criteria include the volume of GreenPoint Rated projects, GreenPoint Rated home scores, improvements in scores over time, and ability to market and message the benefits of green building.

“The GreenPoint Rated Awards honor the key actors in our industry,” said Amy Dryden, GreenPoint Rated Technical Manager. “The success of green building requires commitment from builders, progressive policies from local governments, contractors with the technical expertise to perform the work, and raters to verify that the work was performed correctly for maximum benefits and resource savings.”

About the GreenPoint Rated Award Winners

Community Builder of the Year: KB Home of Northern California

KB Home of Northern California has made a strong commitment to building green, high-quality homes—all of which are GreenPoint Rated. Among production builders, KB Home boasts the highest volume of GreenPoint Rated projects, with more than 1,000 in the pipeline, 600 of which are slated for 2014. KB Home has invested in marketing and communications efforts to educate potential homebuyers on the benefits of green homes—a key tactic necessary to transform the marketplace. This effort includes sales training for their staff and a co-branded online advertising campaign with Build It Green that delivered 6.4 million impressions.

Affordable Builder of the Year: Eden Housing
Eden Housing continues to build and rehabilitate green, high-efficiency multifamily buildings, and over time its GreenPoint Rated scores have improved to consistently achieve more than 100 points, with a recent high score of 180 points. That means its buildings have more green features, deeper energy and resource savings—and they’re healthier for their tenants. Eden has participate in pilot projects and is a great supporter of Greenpoint Rated. It remains a strong advocate for creating a diversity of homes in its local communities.

Visionary Builder of the Year: Southern California Edison/ABC Green Home Builders
The ABC Green Home is a visionary demonstration project to create an “Affordable, Buildable, Certified” (ABC) home, and by all accounts it has succeeded. Southern California Edison and ABC Green Home Builders built a remarkable, inspiring and affordable all-electric net zero energy demonstration home, which sets the goal for what all new homes should strive to be. The ABC Green Home pushes the envelope with smart design and innovative systems that contributed to a final GreenPoint Rated score of 231 points—one of the top five highest scores ever.

To spread the word about the home’s design and achievements, a large outreach and marketing effort culminated in the home being featured as a main attraction at the Solar Decathlon this fall. The best part of the story? The ABC Green Home will be donated to a wounded veteran. There are two more ABC homes in the works, so we look forward to future inspiration.

Custom Builder of the Year: Joe LoConte – Olivewood Builder/Green Building Specialists
Joe LoConte first connected with Build It Green in 2007 by becoming a GreenPoint Rater, demonstrating the green building commitment of his custom builder company and bringing that expertise to the construction side. His company originally built and remodeled high-quality custom green homes, and now also performs energy upgrades and green building ratings—with excellent quality of service.

LoConte has been a longtime supporter of green building practices and GreenPoint Rated, and has mentored and educated many individuals including building professionals, building inspectors and homeowners. Over the years LoConte was an outstanding communicator to his clients on the benefits of green homes, and is dedicated to improving the industry, especially in bringing green practices to existing home remodels. Earlier this year LoConte passed away, leaving a legacy of green building achievements that will be continued by his daughter, Collette.

Green Building Leader in the Public Sector: City of Palo Alto
The City of Palo Alto is one of California’s leading green cities and sustainability innovators. To help meet its climate and energy goals, it has been a longtime advocate of GreenPoint Rated certification, which is required for new homes and certain existing home remodels. In 2013, 163 units were GreenPoint Rated certified in Palo Alto, which puts it in the top 5 jurisdictions in California. Through Greenpoint Rated, homeowners get the benefit of verified practices and Palo Alto benefits from verified results. The City is committed to achieving green building goals, and engages raters, developers, and Build It Green staff to discuss the implementation of GreenPoint Rated and make it beneficial for everyone.

Home Performance Contractor of the Year: Mark Hensley – Building Doctors, Inc.
Building Doctors, a home performance company, provides custom energy retrofits and upgrades to Southern California homeowners. A support of GreenPoint Rated since 2010, they have successfully integrated the rating system into their business model to deliver certified homes to their clients. In 2013 Building Doctors submitted 78 projects for certification, an impressive volume. Building Doctors also goes above and beyond to support their clients after these upgrades are completed: They provide comprehensive homeowner manuals that include education on operations and maintenance.

GreenPoint Rater of the Year: Dave Hegarty – DuctTesters, Inc.
A key supporter and advocate since the launch of GreenPoint Rated in 2006, DuctTesters continues to be a leader in certifying green homes across the state. Dave Hegarty, owner of DuctTesters, has continued to expand the number of Raters employed by DuctTesters, and to educate his staff on green building practices and the GreenPoint Rated processes. With more than 400 units submitted in 2013, their volume reflects this commitment. Additionally, they are working with builders to earn additional incentives though the California Advanced Homes Program for GreenPoint Rated. DuctTesters continues to work closely with GreenPoint Rated staff to ensure excellent submissions, support to their clients and achieve excellent QA results.

About Build It Green and GreenPoint Rated
Build It Green is a member-supported non-profit organization working to expand the market for green homes in California. Our mission is to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient building practices in California through outreach and education. Learn more at

GreenPoint Rated is the most trusted independent home rating system in California, for proof that a home is healthy, comfortable, durable, and energy efficient. More than 20,000 homes have been rated through the program, administered by Build It Green. Learn more at

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